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Litchfield Updates Wind Energy Law

A Public Hearing opened the August meeting of the Litchfield Town Board.

The hearing concerned the Wind Energy Facilities Local Law 1 of 2012. The proposed amendment titled ”2022 Amendments to Wind Energy Facilities Local Law 1 of 2012” reflects updates made in State Law and other relevant objectives of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

There were no public comments during the Public Hearing. A motion was made and approved to accept the updated law. The Public Hearing was officially closed.

The regular monthly meeting was opened. The minutes from the July meeting were reviewed, with two corrections, and approved

Supervisor James Entwistle advised the board the final American Rescue Plan money was received in the amount of $74,922.84.

Entwistle noted the balances in the Money Market and Certificate of Deposit accounts….


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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