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Litchfield Needs A New Loader

The regular monthly meeting for September of the Town of Litchfield was opened at 730 p.m. by Town Supervisor Jim Entwistle.

Codes Enforcement Officer Ray Donley advised he had forwarded to Town Clerk Nicole Edwards permits No. 5 through 11. The permits were for a variety of projects including additions, a new home, etc.

The house on Cedarville Road is for sale at $79,000. There has been much clean up done on the property. Donley is assuming the bank has put the house up for sale.

Don Sterling questioned what has been done regarding a property on Soncody Road. There appears to be an increase in tires and vehicles being stored at the site. At last count there were about 15 cars.

Donley had previously sent a letter to the owner. He will follow up with another letter that will include the list of violations and have town Attorney Chris Bray also send a letter.

General discussion included that there are no junk yards allowed in the town.

Deputy Supervisor Jonathan Knauth informed the board Herkimer County is in the process of forming a multi-jurisdictional Hazzard Mitigation Plan. The federal government requires all state and local governments to have a FEMA-approved mitigation plan in place to be eligible for mitigation project funding.

Councilman Mark O’Sullivan volunteered to be the contact for the Town of Litchfield, with Councilman Knauth assisting. There will be three or four meetings over the next six to eight months. The town will send a letter of intent to the county.

The minutes from the August meeting were reviewed and…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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