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Litchfield Gets Grant For New Salt Storage Building

The March Litchfield Town Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Jim Entwistle.

Entwistle received notification the Water Quality Improvement Project Grant request for a new salt storage facility was approved.

Entwistle will contact Jerry Stacchi (grant writer) from JGK Associates to make sure the Town is following the correct processes to receive the $487,500.

Hybrid Building Solutions and Brightspan Building Systems attended the meeting. Representatives from both companies presented quotes and discussed detailed information about their type of salt facilities.

Codes Enforcement Officer Ray Donley advised he is on permit No. 3 (two pole barns and an addition) for 2023. Donley has followed up on the car issue on Hacadam Road. The owner said he will address all concerns.

A Public Hearing regarding the minimum allowable setback for a building was March 9. The Variance Board approved the request.

Entwistle questioned Ray Donley (Herkimer County legislator) about a meeting called by Jim Bono for March 23. Donley will follow up on exactly what that meeting will cover and report back to Entwistle.

The annual Herkimer County Supervisors meeting was at the Matteson Hotel 2.0 March 30. Entwistle and Councilman Jonathan Knauth attended.

Entwistle read the bank balances for the Certificates of Deposit, the General and Highway Fund accounts. The Highway and General Fund bills were reviewed by the board, with a motion made and carried to pay said bills.

The February board meeting minutes were approved.

Knauth advised Johnathan Schlaepfer’s Eagle Scout project has been approved by the Boy Scout Council. Schlaepfer and his fellow Boy Scouts planned to clean the walls. Schlaepfer is doing research on the…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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