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Litchfield Budget Approved

Litchfield Town Supervisor Jim Entwistle opened the 2022 Budget Hearing Nov. 9.

Entwistle advised there were increases in the budget for salaries of the Highway Department and an increase in NYMIR insurance. Revenues are expected to increase slightly.

The tax rate will be $3.852 per assessed $1,000; the old rate was $3.843 per $1,000.

The Cedarville Fire Department budget is at $101,281.46. The CFD covers the Towns of Litchfield, Columbia and a portion of Winfield.

There were no comments from the public during the Budget Hearing. The hearing was closed by motion of the board.

The regular meeting was opened by a motion from Councilman Jonathan Knauth to adopt the proposed 2022 budget. The motion was seconded and approved.

Entwistle read the balances of the Highway and General funds in money market and checking accounts.

The November Certificate of Deposit was approved for renewal on a motion by Knauth.

A codes report was given by Entwistle. Two new permits were issued (Nos. 28 and 29). One was for a new house.

A discussion by the board regarding the American Rescue Plan funds included whether a new salt shed would fall under the parameters of the rules. The application deadline for the ARP funds is now July 2022.

Jerry Stuckley would like to meet with Highway Superintendent Clifford Coffin, Entwistle and one board member regarding grants for a salt shed. Stuckley has helped neighboring towns obtain grants for salt sheds.

Minutes from the October 2021 meeting were approved with two corrections noted.

The Highway fund and General fund bills were reviewed by the board and approved for payment…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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