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Litchfield Approves Budget

Litchfield Town Supervisor Jim Entwistle opened the December board meeting by reviewing the balances in the checking, money market and certificate of deposit accounts. A motion to move money between accounts was approved.

The board minutes from the November 2021 meeting were approved, with one minor correction.

A report from Ray Donley, Codes Enforcement Officer, was reviewed. Building permit No. 29 was issued recently. The number of permits issued this year was about the same as in the Town of Winfield.

Donley has inspected six commercial properties.

Donley has been reviewing section 94-c of the new Accelerate Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act that was included in the NYS 2021 budget. This new streamlined renewable energy siting process replaces Article 10 Public Service law that deals with renewable energy.

This new Energy Act will have a direct impact on the proposed Columbia Solar Energy Center, a portion of which spill into the Town of Litchfield.

The Justice Report and Bank Statements were distributed and reviewed by the board.

A New York state Aid check was received in the amount of $7,685. The town has received the same amount for the last 10 years.

A one-year property assessment contract with the Real Property Tax Service, Herkimer was approved. The fee remains the same as last year at $12 per parcel.

Highway Superintendent Cliff Coffin and Board members Jonathan Knauth and Jim...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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