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Litchfield Adopts New Hazard Safety Protocol

A Public Hearing was held to start the May Town of Litchfield meeting regarding the 10-year Spectrum (Charter Communications) agreement.

The previously approved agreement contained incorrect verbiage.

The contract was updated, and a new Public Hearing was required.

There were no comments made and the hearing was officially closed.

The regular board meeting was called to order immediately following the Public Hearing.

A motion was made and approved authorizing Supervisor James Entwistle to sign the Charter Communications franchise agreement as proposed.

Bill VanGorder, representative from NYMIR, reviewed the Town of Litchfield policy. He advised the town had been insured with NYMIR for 20 years.

He stated the pricing goes up as claims go up. The town’s yearly premium is $21,208.30.

The new Salt Shed building has been added to the policy. Building appraisals are done every five years and the Town of Litchfield is due soon.

Council Member Mark O’Sullivan presented the Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) he worked on with Herkimer County.

The 26-page document outlined the Town of Litchfield’s plans to reduce losses during future hazard events.

The plan’s purpose is to reduce or eliminate damage to property and people by implementing the plan prior to a disaster.

The Justice Docket Report was provided to the board for their review.

Linda Coffin, town tax collector, provided a final report for review by the board.

No report from the code enforcement officer was received.

A motion was made and approved after reviewing the April 2024 board meeting minutes.

Town vouchers were reviewed by the board. A motion was made and approved to pay all vouchers.

Highway Superintendent Clifford Coffin reported there were 87 people who attended Trash Day May 11.

He said $314 was received for scrap metal.

Coffin advised the electricity for the new Salt shed has been completed by Cedar Lake ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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