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Laugh With The Addams Family

By Callie Kozak,

CCS student

Clinton High School presents its annual high school musical, The Addams Family, this week.

This comedic masterpiece contains great music and entertaining choreography.

The Addams Family is a familiar story for many, as it was once a television show and movie. Viewers will enjoy reacquainting themselves with the characters they know and love, like Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday and Pugsley, in this laugh-out-loud play.

In the musical version, the peculiar Addams family learns about Wednesday’s love interest, Lucas, who comes from a “normal family”. Hilarity ensues when the Addams’ meet this boy and invite him and his family to dinner at their home.

Seniors in the cast of The Addams Family are Alayna Krom, Sophie MacPherson, Jason Rivera, Ella DeNoon, Jenna Deep, Karina Davis, Victoria Elefante, Daniella Goodfriend, Jillian Graziadei, Maddy Stell, and Michelle Xu….


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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