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Lack Of Help Delays Mowing

The July 6 Town of Columbia meeting was opened by Supervisor George Weiss with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer by Councilman H. Ed Reed.

Monthly reports and June meeting minutes were presented and approved.

Highway Superintendent Mark Buddle advised he has moved propane purchases to Ferrellgas. Ferrell now has a state contract and a local office in Verona.

Buddle expects to have proposals for a new pick-up truck at the August meeting.

Discussion ensued regarding culvert pipes for a project on Dropp Road. The state is now requiring all newly installed culvert pipes to be 20% larger than the pipe being replaced and 20% deeper burial in the ground.

This will mean an increase in costs for all new culvert pipes.

Road work is continuing on Huxtable Road. Grinding of old pavement is scheduled for the third week in July.

Buddle reported Herkimer County road mowing continues to be an issue. The county has a continuing shortage of manpower available to do roadside mowing.

Buddle said he presumes in the near future mowing will be done similar to snowplowing, where towns would be under contract to mow county roads. Oneida County has already implemented this practice.

Buddle requested permission to purchase a new tractor. With the purchase of a new tractor, he would sell the backhoe. The board agreed with this request…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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