Kirkland Police Reform Approved

The Town of Kirkland Board returned to in-person meetings Wednesday night to discuss new business.

The Town of Kirkland Police Department's Police Reform and Reinvention Policy was approved by the Board. Councilman Garry Colarusso commended KPD Administrative Officer Shawn Occhipinti for his work on building and implementing the policy.

Town Supervisor Bob Meelan said he's heard from other towns asking to use the policy as a reference. Occhipinti said he made an addition to the policy where Officer's names and badge numbers will be displayed on Town of Kirkland patrol cars so the information will be readily available for anyone wishing to file a complaint.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the 2021 Oneida County Mowing Agreement. The Board approved a resolution accepting the Oneida County Board of Elections Poll Site Agreement.

The Board approved a resolution accepting Rozanne D'Acunto's resignation from Clerk for Town Justice Jay Williams, as well as appointing Patricia Maxam to the...

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