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Kirkland Board Requests Solar Site Plans

The Town of Kirkland Planning Board met Monday evening to hear more information about the proposed solar project adjacent to Sherrill Brook Park.

Atlas Renewables has proposed a 60-acre solar project on private property known as Clintonview Farms in the Town of Kirkland. The larger portion of the property is in the Town of New Hartford, which halted a similar plan last year.

The Kirkland Planning Board last week gave an advisory that no additional work was allowed on site without consulting the Board first. Site plans are expected by the end of the week.

The Planning Board requested a change to the plans to have utility poles pushed as far back from the road as possible. Consultations with NYSEG are scheduled to take place this week.

The Board held a contentious discussion with the project representative over tree and stump removal within a certain footage of the road.

The Planning Board will eventually approve or reject the applications from Atlas for the Kirkland 1 and Kirkland 2 solar projects.

In October Kirkland Trails submitted a letter to the Planning Board opposing the project for a number of reasons, including:

*Its location near Sherrill Brook Park because of the goal to link trails in the two towns;

*Environmental risks of clear-cutting the trees on a slope. Along with losing forest, the chances of flooding would increase;

*Concerns that the solar project does not fit into the zoning district of that area, which is near residential.

Kirkland Trails emphasized that the organization supports renewable energy projects, including solar, but in appropriate locations.

During the meeting, the Planning Board also approved an application for a two-lot subdivision transfer of 25 acres between adjoining properties.

The second application for consideration was a two-lot subdivision plan for Skenandoah Golf Club. The Board reviewed the plan and did not make a determination.

The third application considered was a two-lot subdivision plan from Dwyer Development of 10.32 acres. The plan will be sent to Town Attorney Felt Evans for review.

Comments from the letter of Oneida County Department of Public Labor were filed with the plan.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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