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In Pandemic, Businesses Come And Go In Clinton

Since mid-March, the Village of Clinton has seen multiple business changes.

As Covid-19’s impact spread across New York in March, businesses, specifically small businesses, took a hard hit by the pandemic. State regulations have changed almost weekly for businesses.

A spot on Kirkland Avenue had one tenant move out and another one move in.

Soul Bowl, a healthy-meal option, left 3 Kirkland Ave. and moved to a larger location in New Hartford’s Consumer Square. Jenna and Suzanne Stanton own Soul Bowl. Their Clinton location opened two years ago.

“We will always be thankful to Clinton as it had given Soul Bowl its beginnings as CNY's First Acai Cafe,” Jenna Stanton said. “There were so many memories that were created in the small, 400-square-foot location that we called home from November 2018 until May 2020.

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Annie Wafer rented the Kirkland Avenue spot, which housed the well-known Dessert Booth prior to Soul Bowl. Her medical office offers substance use disorder treatment, medical marijuana certification, hormone replacement therapy, chronic disease consultation, hepatitis C testing and evaluation, and other consultation appointments.

Adjacent to 3 Kirkland Ave. is the Clinton Laundromat. To the right…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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