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Ideas For Baker’s Beach Discussed in RS

Town of Richfield Board members heard some ways Baker’s Beach can run more efficiently.

At the Town Board’s March meeting, Ryan Fagan presented the Board with a schedule of operation and with suggestions for making the beach run more efficiently.

The current price for a new gate house shed is $3,500. Councilmen Ed Bello and Fred Eckler will get with Fagan to work on a solid plan for the season.

Board members approved hiring Fagan as this year’s manager of Baker’s Beach.

Also at the meeting, Highway Superintendent Tim Proctor presented the board with financing options for a new loader. The board discussed why a new loader should be purchased this year.

Cost of a new loader from Alta Construction Equipment NY is $205,222. Board members approved the purchase.

Clerk Maggie Young reported $1,143,738 has been collected in taxes as of March 19. Another $307,564 is outstanding.

Young informed the board Otsego County will not print green reminder postcards for outstanding taxes this year. It will be the Tax Collectors responsibility to print and mail second notice letters for outstanding taxes.

This will require full postage instead of the usual postcard postage.

Buell Fuels, one of two bids received, was awarded the bid for fuel for the Town.

One bid for aluminum docks for Baker’s Beach from Dave Gelfuso, G Tech Marine, was received. Total bid for materials; $61,393, total amount for installation and removal; $3,400.

The board discusses using ARPA funds to increase outdoor recreation. Richfield Youth Sports submitted a letter asking the board to consider using part of the ARPA funds for the Youth Sports facility.

Councilman Larry Frigault updated the Board on the Business Park. Frigault stated the IDA has added another attorney on their behalf.

The Village, Town, and IDA attorneys are still going over the Intermunicipal Agreement. The IDA should have a final RFP going out shortly.

Alex Hills of St. Pauly Textile presented the Board with information regarding hosting a clothing drop-off shed at the Transfer Station. Pauly Textile would compensate the town with 4 cents per pound of collected clothing items.

They ask that someone from the town check on the shed once or twice a week.

Town/Village Resident Wayne Hesler-Mondore presented the board with landscaping plans to improve Memorial Park. The plan is to take down bushes, put in new flowers, trim pine trees, add lighting to the flagpole, power wash the monuments, and add mulch where needed.

Board members gave approval for the work.

Bello asked if the Highway Departments annual boot allowance of $175 should be increased and if Highway Personnel should be paid a minimum of two hours if they get called in to work.

Board members approved the two-hour pay minimum.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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