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Housing Project Nears Completion

Next month the housing improvement project begun in Waterville in 2020 will be finished.

Three years ago the Village of Waterville received a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant to rehabilitate houses in the village. Homes had to be owner occupied and meet financial requirements.

At last week’s Village Board meeting Village Clerk Gayle Barnes said there were 20 applicants. Of those seven have been done, seven are in progress and five were on a wait list. One was not eligible.

The village’s goal was to rehab 14 structures. A total of $425,000 was spent so far. The rest, minus $25,000 for Thoma to administer it, is obligated to the projects to be finished by June 23.

A meeting with Thoma next month will review options to apply for another one.

During the public comment period of the one-hour meeting a resident spoke about the stone wall being constructed on Stafford Avenue. Her concern is that the wall is close to the sidewalk and road and is built using gravity to hold the stones, not mortar.

She said that adds to the danger of the wall collapsing.

Codes Officer Whitey Brown said the wall is 2 feet back from the sidewalk…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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