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New faculty members at Waterville Central School recently completed the year-long professional development training at WCS. New faculty members were each assigned a veteran teacher to serve as their mentor. New teachers participated in monthly meetings led by Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring that focused on reading and discussing the book, Teach Like a Champion. New faculty and their mentors: Roseann Kantor - Mary Spanneut; Allison Keysor - Vincent Elacqua; Monica Kilts - Ellen Scranton; Julia Lamont - Jody Cognetti; Emily Morris - McKinley Zalewski; Riccardo Ripa - Kate Worwa; Aaron Sirtoli - Amy Bentz; Megan Smith - Shannon Wolanin; Amanda Starczewski - Fred Jerzak; Shanae Wright - Tammy Piccola.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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