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Girl Scouts Offer Project In Clinton

The Village of Clinton Board met in-person last Monday evening at Kirkland Town Hall to discuss new business.

The meeting began with Village of Clinton Mayor Steve Bellona opening the public hearing for Proposed Local Law 1/Codification of Local Laws. The Law was then read by Village Attorney William Schmitt.

The Board approved a bid for refuse collection and disposal. The only bid from Scully Refuse Services for $119,980 was accepted.

The previous meeting's minutes and the minutes for December's meeting were approved.

An update from Troop 20477 Girl Scouts regarding their plan to place a message board along the Village Green pathway was given. The board is already built and awaiting final approval of where it will be.

The Troop provided a maintenance schedule. The Board approved a motion to move forward with the project and the Scouts are excited to provide community accessibility with the project.

The motion to approve the Garbage and Green Waste Collection Policy was accepted. Grass clippings are recommended to be remulched and/or composted.

The Board approved selling the 2003 International dump truck for $6,800 on Auctions International.

Superintendent for the Department of Public Works Robert Rockwell recommended keeping the 1983 Ford L8000 dump truck…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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