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Garbage Change Discussed At Village Hearing

The Village of West Winfield Board met Monday evening to discuss new business.

The Board approved a resolution opening a Public Hearing to discuss implementing a trash sticker system for residential properties.

The Village is proposing contracting with a private company for trash removal.

Village residents will need to purchase a sticker to indicate to the company to remove that property's trash.

Boardmember Todd Niederlander explained the reasoning for the trash stickers.

He said there's been an unfair distribution of trash removal for some residences and the cost sharing puts an unfair burden on taxpayers who don't utilize the trash removal service as often.

Some members of the public discussed the financial feasibility of the program and whether purchasing trash stickers is a cheaper option than the current method.

Members of the public discussed the comparison of the trash removal service to the water distribution service and how taxes are determined for properties.

Boardmember Jim Murphy said the expected cost for the stickers over a year is about $200.

He said the Board understood the cost will save some residents money and be a higher expense for others.

One resident explained how he perceived the plan and expressed appreciation for the Board striving to equalize the cost for residents who use more garbage.

A resident asked what to do if there's an overflow of garbage for a week.

Village of West Winfield Mayor Sandy Smith said residents would either have to wait for the next garbage pickup or contact the company for the removal at fee.

Niederlander thanked the public in attendance for expressing their concerns and said the Board would consider everything said at the meeting in making a decision on the proposal.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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