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Flood Plans Explained

The Village of Waterville Board met Monday evening to discuss new business. The Board approved the June 28 meeting minutes, purchase order requests, and expense abstracts.

Oneida County Planning Commissioner James Genovese spoke to the Board about the plans for Big Creek and other flood mitigation efforts throughout Oneida County. The two projects scheduled for Big Creek are dealing with debris management.

The next Oneida County Planning meeting in September will make a determination on the projects' approval. Genovese said the meeting and gaining approval are the next step in the process.

The Oneida County Planning Department also created a nine-step plan regarding solving issues of water quality, erosion, and flood resiliency. The plan itself focuses on varying solutions to the several problems.

Genovese made the point that sometimes the projects become completely pointless because a storm arises and washes out the project.

Boardmember Brian Bogan asked about the timeline for repairing the sinkhole in front of Schoolhouse Apartments. The sinkhole repair project is tied up in litigation betweens the property owners and New York state.

A meeting is scheduled for municipalities to meet with OCP and go into more detail about the flood mitigation efforts. Village of Waterville Mayor Gene Ostrander insisted on an invitation and one was extended to the Village.

Village residents Ashley Olin and Mark Mowrey, who live on Sanger Avenue, asked Genovese questions regarding the plan to reroute Big Creek to…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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