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Fitness Center Re-Opening In Mid-December

Waterville Central School’s Fitness Center will re-open to the community next month if enough people can be hired.

At last week’s WCS Board of Education meeting, Business Administrator Tracy Leone said a few applications were received after the District put out an advertisement. Another person has volunteered time to work there, and Mark O’Brien, coordinator of the facility, and another pre-Covid employee will return.

Leone said if the applicants all work out, the Center can re-open to the public around Dec. 15. Fitness Center employees first need to be trained on the equipment, Covid procedures and CPR.

Leone said the Fitness Center has been inspected and is ready to open to the public. Students have been using the facility in the past weeks.

One aspect to be decided is the new fee schedule. Because the facility does not break even, and requires money out of the District’s general funds, the proposal is to increase fees from $110 to $200 a year.

But some Board members opposed that large of an increase, saying the public approved the addition of a Fitness Center at the school with the understanding it would be financially accessible to everyone.

“Those prices are too high…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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