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Fireworks Display Receives Approval

The Town of Kirkland Board met Monday evening to discuss new business.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the April 26 meeting minutes. The Board approved a resolution appointing Officer Larre Harris as a Part-Time Police Officer.

The Board approved a resolution approving Hamilton College's request to hold a Fireworks Display June 10.

The Board held a discussion about installing Tetherball and Pickleball courts in the Kirkland Town Park.

Resident Marcia Bellis spoke to the Board about flooding concerns in the Town.

Town of Kirkland Supervisor Bob Meelan discussed with Bellis how flooding concerns are common in the Town of Kirkland and gave a review of the process the Board has gone through to mitigate flooding in the Town over the past several years.

The Town received a check for the demolition of the Mill in Clark Mills for $422,005.

The Board approved a resolution to provide Police assistance for the Clark Mills American Legion Parade Monday, May 29.

The Board approved a resolution authorizing the payment of bills.

The next Town of Kirkland Board meeting is scheduled for May 31.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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