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Fire Truck Cost Hits Alarming Burden To Buy

One of the lingering effects of the pandemic is the cost of vehicles that still continue to significantly increase in price.

At last week’s Waterville Village Board meeting, Board members and Waterville Fire Department Chief Jarrod Waufle heard from two representatives of Toyne Fire Apparatus of Breda, Iowa.

Since the pandemic, the two representatives said, the backed up supply chain has created a 22 percent increase in the cost of a fire truck.

WFD is looking to replace its oldest truck, Waufle said.

The cost would be $561,784 if the truck was ordered that night, the men said.

They cautioned that the longer a purchase is put off, the more it will cost.

Within that cost is a $25,000 contingency that builds in cover should the cost of materials rise during building the truck.

If ordered now, the department would receive the truck in about two and a half years.

The village could save $8,900 by paying the $113,270 cost for the chassis upfront.

Toyne provides financing options, they said, for up to ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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