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Drivers Needed At Brookfield Central

A shortage of bus drivers has created challenges for getting Brookfield Central School students to and from school.

During last week’s 15-minute remote BCS Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Jim Plows said a lack of drivers has hit every school district. “In our Transportation Department it’s as low as it’s ever been with drivers and bus monitors,’’ he said.

Parents have been asked if they can provide transportation, Plows said. While that doesn’t eliminate a bus run, it does reduce the number of monitors needed.

BCS will find ways to let people know jobs are available, with applications at the school.

Principal Carrie Smith said the Senior Class is selling Christmas wreaths and poinsettias until Dec. 22 through Merri Rose Florist in Waterville.

The recent musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will be shown to all students between now and the winter break, she said. Sixty-five students took part in the production.

The decision was made not to do the winter concert live with guests, Smith said. Instead students will be videotaped and it will be shared through the district’s website. “It’s the best way to go with Covid,’’ she said….


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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