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DRI Plans Heard For Application

At a meeting of about 30 people ideas came forward for the Clinton-Kirkland DRI application.

The village and town plan to compete for one of the two $10 million grants that will be awarded to the Mohawk Valley region. Ten regions around the state will get to choose one or two communities this year.

A forum at Kirkland Town Library last week included representatives from several organizations and members of the community. Their input, along with surveys of the community and submissions by businesses, will help form the application due Sept. 15.

Many of the proposed projects for how to use the $10 million build off the application submitted in 2019 for that year’s DRI grant. Utica was awarded that money in the fourth year of the state program.

Ideas for community improvements include upgrades and expansions to the Kirkland Art Center, the Clinton Arena, the Clinton Pool, Kirkland Town Library, Kirkland Trails. The Climate Smart Community Task Force suggested ideas to promote energy efficiency.

In addition, sidewalks added to streets where the village-town border…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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