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District Outlines Budget Picture

The Mount Markham Board of Education met Tuesday night to discuss new business.

The meeting began with a presentation from the Mt. Markham FFA Club. The FFA showcased a skit they had written for FFA competition Agricultural Issues Forums where they played out a possible scenario between Farm Owners and Distributors.

The presentation was an enlightening explanation of the benefits of choosing a USDA certified slaughterhouse and the benefits of choosing a non-certified slaughterhouse. MMCSD Superintendent Joe D'Apice thanked the FFA for the presentation saying, "You all did a great job. We learned a lot.’’

Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES Superintendent Sandra Sherwood spoke with the Board about the BOCES Administrative Budget. The total Administrative Costs are projected to be $1,525,465, representing a 12.81% increase.

The Board of Education Budget is expected to rise from $109,350 to $113,458. The District Superintendent’s Budget is expected to increase from $326,156 to $344,624, a 6% increase.

The Central Administration Budget is expected to rise from $276,292 to $284,818. The Business Administration Budget is expected to go from $611,179 to $755,051.

Transfer charges are decreasing $29,284 to $27,500. Post-Employment Health Costs are increasing from $2,207,341 to $2,460,000.

The Administration budget is increasing from $3,639,602 to $3,985,465. The RWADA Administrative and Capital Charges for the 2023-24 Budget is increasing to $2,226,870 from $1,513,539.

The BOCES Annual meeting is scheduled for March 30. The BOCES Budget Vote and BOE Elections are scheduled for April 19.

Sherwood gave a presentation on the Youth Summit Action Plan and congratulated Mary Kline for being named Outstanding Educator by the Genesis Group.

D'Apice thanked…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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