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Creek Help Begins

A landowner trying to get the Village of Waterville to buy his property is creating problems with the work being done to mitigate flooding in the village.

Waterville DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy told the Village Board at the meeting last week that access to the creek off Route 315 has been denied by a property owner.

The property will allow workers to reach the old dam and dismantle it to open up the creek.

Bechy said the owner bought the property through Oneida County’s delinquent tax sale.

Intending to flip it, he learned it cannot be sold until the numerous codes violations are addressed.

Bechy said the owner told the village to buy the property so he can get his money back.

Board members declined to consider that.

However, they will look into citing him for the codes violations that need to be addressed.

By clearing the path of the creek and rerouting some of ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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