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Couple Celebrates 50 Years

By Pattie Roberts

A local couple, Doug and Jo-Ann Capraro of West Winfield, just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

A milestone in these days and age not seen often as years past. But this is just one of two million accomplishments they have made and organized.

I was one of the privileged to have been able to share in their special day, as I and others listened to Doug and Jo-Ann speak of their love for their family, friends and extended families, their love for so, so many sharing the emotions with genuine heartfelt words.

Knowing all they have faced within their own lives, yet making it to this 50-year mark, more in love with each other and the town they belong to than ever could be imagined.

Yet listening to Doug’s emotional words, I don’t believe they comprehend what they mean to West Winfield.

I feel I can speak for many as I say to them what they are to this town. Church, has anything been arranged that they are not part of the planning, setting up, running, taking down, and getting ready for the next community event they have volunteered for?

Fire department, Ladies Auxiliary, fried dough, hours of volunteering to help neighbors in need fighting their fire that is taking all they have, yet Jo-An would make sure they immediately knew they were not alone and started the local drive for all they would need.

Then, how many of us in the past called Dr. Doug at every hour of the day or night for your personal emergency?

Even for a question you might have for a sick relative and you just needed to be reassured.

And always you were answered, advised, seen, prescription written, or just words to make your heart feel better knowing you shared your fears with Doug, someone you trusted with your own entire being, and he never let you down. ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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