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Connected Community Schools An Asset

The Mount Markham Board of Education met last week.

Middle School Principal Sean Carone shared improvements and house assembly success, especially with attendance the day before breaks.

The TV is by the door and shows the house scores so each day students can see the progress.

He reviewed the House assembly event.

He noted curriculum planning progress to address areas as needed. He said Joe

Pedula is doing a great job as the new resource officer.

Carone also reviewed some new clubs being explored.

Construction progress is moving along nicely with very few problems.

He noted Mount Markham’s ELA and Math 6th grade scored at the top of all BOCES.

Connected Community Schools is a great asset and they are providing a lot of support for clothing, food and the new liaison will also assist with absenteeism too, Carone said.

Meetings with CCSchools happen every two weeks to go over needs and to discuss issues which they respond to.

Elementary Principal Jennifer McDonald provided all board members with the building plan which included some data and assessments, and a comparison summary.

Covered in the review was that the percentage of students taking the tests have increased; she noted grade level scores for proficiency: ELA, Math, Literacy, STAR and diagnostic.

McDonald said the attendance improvements show the attendance at 96%. This includes Pre-K and kindergarten which tend to be absent more than others.

Elementary is working with PBIS to improve attendance by offering fun with the Best Day Ever.

Suggestions for what CCSchools can help with included calling to see if they can help families of those absent. ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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