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Company Picked To Remove Mold

The Town of Sangerfield approved the cost of removing mold from the Town Hall.

At their March meeting the Town Board voted to hire a company to do the work.

Board member Bill Lachmann reported on the three quotes from Mold Removal companies.

The quotes were discussed along with Bridget Ruane’s assessment report of the mold.

Kascon Environmental Services was selected to remove the mold in the Sangerfield Town Hall Building. Approximate cost will be $35,000.

The cleanup is to take approximately a month.

After the cleaning all offices will move back into the building.

Other suggestions to improve the building were adding a porch roof to the

front of the Town Hall Building and grading the land around the building so the water will run away from the building.

The Town will apply for a Barton Fund grant to help with the cost.

Also at the meeting Assessor Phil Barnes asked about the Tanner Solar Farm.

Town Clerk Mary Belfield presented Barnes with the notebook containing all the correspondence received.

Codes Officer Dan Ford discussed a property on Mason Road with the board and with property owner William Bassett.

Bassett is to return proper blueprints to the codes officer.

Belfield reported she will be resigning after taxes are completed. ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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