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Clinton Supports DRI Application

The Village of Clinton Board met Tuesday evening to discuss new business.

Mayor Elizabeth Tantillo welcomed those in attendance before the Board tabled a resolution for the approval of the August minutes until the October Board meeting. The Board approved a resolution auditing vouchers.

The Village's Sales Tax receipt was for $147,000. The Board approved a resolution for the transfer of $10,187.32 from contingency to balance out unbudgeted salary.

The Board approved a resolution to move $88,060 in undesignated funds to specific reserve accounts.

The Department of Public Works hauled seven loads weighing 13.85 tons and zero loads of metal recycling. Sixteen loads of mixed yard waste and one Christmas tree were removed.

Eighteen yards of sidewalk was poured on Kellogg Street.

The Water Department pumped 15,836,500 gallons through Plant One and Plant Two in August with 120 gallons of chlorine and 437.7 pounds of fluoride used. Four meters were read and seven replaced.

The Board approved a resolution for the purchase of a new DPW pickup truck with plow for $58,752.00. The Board approved a resolution to begin the lease/finance for a Mini Excavator.

The Clinton Fire Department answered 58 total calls for July with 34 medical calls and…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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