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Clinton Sign Law Updated

The Village of Clinton Board met Monday evening to discuss new business.

Village of Clinton Mayor Elizabeth Tantillo opened the Public Hearing for Proposed Local Law No. 3 on Signage - Temporary Sign Procedural approval.

Clinton Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jackie Walters asked for the Board to keep local businesses' reliance on signage in mind when constructing the language of the ordinance.

The Annual Meeting Appointments, Commissioners /Deputy, Nominations, Bonding Requirements, Insurance Requirements, Village Holidays and Additional items for approval resolution was approved.

The Department of Public Works removed five Christmas trees, has been removing trash, and has been plowing and removing snow. Three street signs were repaired.

The Water Department pumped 17,558,300 gallons in Plant 1 and Plant 2 for March. About 120 gallons of chlorine were used and 531.6 pounds of Fluoride were used.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant processed 79 million gallons in March at an average of 3,600,000 gallons per day. So far 82 tons of biosolids have been…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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