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Clinton Says No To Cannabis

The Village of Clinton Board met Monday evening to discuss new business.

The first installment of payment from Hamilton College for the intermunicipal campus services agreement was received by the Village.

There was a discussion led by Board member John Lauchert about the scheduling of Finance Committee meetings and their timing relative to Village Board meetings for the Finance Committee report to have more relevant timing to the Village's business.

DPW Superintendent Rob Rockwell reported the department removed 10.44 tons of Solid Waste over six loads to the Oneida/Herkimer Dump. Twenty-four tires were removed and one load of metal was recycled weighing 1.32 tons for an income of $247.

Thirty-nine loads of green waste were removed. Cleaning and sweeping in the Village Park takes place every Friday morning. Vehicles are washed, greased, and serviced and winter preparation is continuing.

The Water Department pumped a total of 14,160,900 gallons at an average daily flow of 472,030 gallons. Plant One pumped 7,713,500 gallons and Plant Two pumped 6,447,400 total gallons for November.

One hundred gallons of chlorine with an average daily application of 3.3 gallons per day were used and 353.4 pounds of fluoride were used at an average of 11.8 pounds per day.

The Clinton Fire Department answered 37 medical calls and 15 fire calls for Nov. One mutual aid call was made to Westmoreland.

The Town of Kirkland Police Department answered 186 total calls for November. Of those 160 calls were placed through the Town and 26 calls were answered for the Village of Clinton. Sixteen accidents were reported and six arrests made.

The Clinton Wastewater Treatment Facility processed 59 million gallons with a daily max flow of 2.7 million gallons per day. EPA and DEC permit requirements were achieved.

An estimated 390 tons of biosolids have been hauled to the landfill in 2021. A Return Activated Sludge pump had new ball bearings installed after it was discovered the previous bearings disintegrated and were causing a vibration in the system.

Indium Corp conducted a toxicity test Dec. 8 at 7 a.m. Dan Cunningham noted that flow through the WWTP is up compared through the same time period last year…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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