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Clinton Qualifies For State Olympiad Again

Faster than anyone else in the room, Leah Borton decoded the encryptic message.

Borton, a senior at Clinton High School, and partner Oliver Walters, a junior, pulled together years of practicing to earn a first-place spot for their team at the Division C Midstate Regional Tournament.

Another first-place finish in the Dynamic Planet category by freshmen Gideon Dreier and John Musante helped the Clinton team place third among the 31 teams.

Their highest finish ever propels the Clinton team into this weekend’s state tournament at LeMoyne College. After first making the tournament in 2019, Clinton is making its fourth straight trip to compete with the best Science Olympiad teams from around the state.

At an Olympiad tournament, students compete in 23 events in five science categories to solve the assigned science question. Points are earned by how each of the 23 student teams of two students place, with schools finishing based on their results in the 23 challenges.

Students in the state tournament will begin competition in the afternoon Friday, March 18 and continue all day Saturday.

Challenges range from identifying bird calls or rocks and minerals, reading maps, and solving an assigned problem. Some challenges ask students to build something.

Karina Davis, one of 12…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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