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Clinton Parents Ask For Better Communications

The Clinton Central School Board of Education met Tuesday evening to discuss new business.

The meeting opened to public session, beginning with CCS parent Mary Kay Vatalaro-Tyksinski. Tyksinski explained the turmoil she and other parents were feeling during the CCS lockdown Feb. 3. She said the District's lack of emergency alerts during the incident were an aggravating circumstance.

She said she is grateful to her fellow parents and local news sources for sharing information. School policies are not being taken seriously and Tyksinski encouraged the District to take more action to keep kids clean and sober.

The incident happened when several students became ill after using a liquid in their vaping devices.

CCS parent Marie Constantino requested more clarity about the Dec. 10 Middle School Career Day incident. The Gender Diversity discussion by The Q Center was "way too much," according to Constantino. The content Constantino has been made aware of that was presented was inappropriate and partially unfactual. She said she wants accountability and a direct apology from the District.

CCS parent Michelle Thompson read a letter highlighting her concerns of Covid's mental health impact on students. Thompson said living under the constant strain of Covid has caused the District to lose focus on education.

She said she's noticed that strict masking requirements and members of the Staff overbearing on students to stay masked creates a suffocating learning environment.

District resident Mary Ellen McDonough inquired about the District’s Covid relief fund usage. McDonough said she hadn't been made aware of any communications from the District on the topic.

Assistant Superintendent of Business Joseph Barretta said the Covid Relief Fund Plan approved by New York state is available on the District website.

CCS Parent Sam Constantino seconded Marie…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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