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Clinton Class of 2022

The Clinton Central School Class of 2022 celebrated their graduation ceremony Saturday morning, returning to the CCS Auditorium to receive their diplomas.

As the CCS Administrators prepared for the processional at the auditorium entrance, several members of the community reached out to CCS Superintendent Dr. Stephen Grimm to congratulate his last ceremony leading a CCS class through their graduation.

A jolt of energy from the crowd accompanied the start of the processional as the Class of 2022 made their way to the stage amidst enthusiastic applause.

After the students replaced their caps following the National Anthem, CCS High School Principal Dr. Matt Lee welcomed everyone to the ceremony. Dr. Lee said he was ecstatic to return to the CCS auditorium after having to follow social distancing practices on Hamilton College's campus last year.

The CCS teaching staff made a video full of life advice presented through light-hearted camera filters leaving graduates with a reminder of each teacher's personality. CCS BOE President Melinda Leising next spoke to the audience, thanking the students for their dedication to personal growth, and the perseverance and determination they displayed through a difficult period of educational development.

Lee returned to the microphone to introduce CCS Class of 2022 Salutatorian Leah Borton. In two and a half minutes, Borton efficiently gave a shout-out to each sector of the CCS community, from the Principals and Teachers to the Crossing Guards and Maintenance team.

Lee spoke to her spirit and consideration in introducing her and Borton showed as much by taking time to highlight the accomplishments of the Class of '22 throughout the District over the last several years. Borton introduced CCS Class of 2022 President Joseph Bonomo and Class Vice…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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