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Clinton Adopts A Master Plan

The Village of Clinton Board met Monday night to discuss new business.

Clinton Mayor Elizabeth Tantillo welcomed those in attendance and recognized Boardmember John Lauchert sitting on the Board for his last meeting as a Trustee before the end of his term.

The Board approved a resolution opening a Public Hearing for comments on the Village of Clinton Master Plan 2024-2028.

Former Village of Clinton Mayor Steve Bellona said, "I've read the Master Plan and it's well done from the operational side and the implementation

plan is well thought out."

Tantillo said, "I feel like this will be a great guide for all our plans moving forward. It will be a good start to setting up the process to form the master

plan achievement."

Tantillo said the plan is broken down by quarterly ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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