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Changes Cut Out False Alarms At WCS Buildings

At a meeting with the Waterville Village Board, Waterville Central School administrators explained steps taken to eliminate false alarms at the Junior-Senior High School.

Village Mayor Gene Ostrander and Board members invited district representatives to a meeting last week over the number of false alarms triggered in the building, some of them in the middle of the night. “We want you to understand our side of it,’’ Ostrander said. “We have half a million in vehicles going out for every false alarm, and it seems to be going off a lot.’’

Along with Ostrander, attending for the Village were Trustees Jim Younes, Gerda Mortelette, Amanda Briggs and Brian Bogan, Waterville Fire Chief Will Beach, Clerk Gayle Barnes and Attorney Bill Getman.

For the District, Board president Steve Stanton and members Susy Quayle and Tim Jones attended, along with Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring, Business Administrator Tracy Leone, Ben Heintz from Kestrel Construction and two people from March Associates.

The 40-minute meeting came about after Beach told the Village Board last month the frequency of false alarms at the Junior-Senior High was reducing the manpower responding. He also had concerns about the risk and liability to the village when…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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