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CCS Considers Pre-K

The Clinton Central Schools Board of Education met Tuesday evening to discuss new business.

CCS Eighth Grader Jack Wilson spoke to the Board of Education with a proposal for a CCS Therapy Animal Program.

Wilson talked about the importance and emotional support dogs offer in everyday life.

Wilson's personal experience with being comforted by a dog in a difficult situation inspired him to suggest CCS to bring a therapy dog on campus the same way many airports and hospitals have provided pooches for anxiety and emotional support.

The Board and CCS Superintendent Christopher Clancy commended Wilson for his presentation and thanked him for championing the cause for the benefit of all CCS students.

Clancy outlined the program's requirements for the dog and handler to be brought to the District. Considerations such as breed, and allergy awarenesses need to be discussed to find the right canine for Clinton.

Clancy welcomed Amanda Drake to the District as an Elementary School Monitor.

The Kirkland Town Library Tax Collection Proposition was then brought to the Board for discussion.

The proposition is for vote by the community at the May Budget ballot.

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Technology Michelle Gabree-Huba presented to the Board about the STAR Family Assessment Reports. The Star Assessment measures student achievement in reading and math.

The assessment is given three times a school year and for the younger grades is more focused on literacy development.

The first Star Assessment of the school year was recently conducted.

Gabree-Huba emphasized at this point in the school year, students aren't expected to have mastered their grade level skills yet.

Clancy said the ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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