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Brookfield Needs Lockerroom Work

When winter sports teams come to Brookfield Central School, having them see the BCS lockerrooms can be embarrassing.

Head Custodian Ken Plows gave a presentation to the BCS Board of Education last week on work needed in the building. The biggest project was renovations of both the boys and girls lockerrooms.

Plows said some of the work would have been in the District’s last Capital Project, but when the pandemic affected the costs of materials some work had to be dropped.

Plows had a contracting company come in to provide a general estimate of the work needed. For the lockerrooms, cost would be $270,000 to redo both.

Most of that cost, he said, would be pulling up the existing floors, which contain asbestos. Lockers would need to be replaced since both rooms have ones missing, rusting and damaged.

The girls lockerroom is the better of the two, he said. “When other schools come with their boys team we put them in the girls room,’’ Plows said. “When you see what other schools have and then this it’s embarrassing for Brookfield to have it be like this.’’

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The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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