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Brookfield Class of 2022

Brookfield Central School Superintendent Jim Plows told those in the BCS gym Friday night he thought a lot about the Class of 2022.

“They’re one of the smallest classes in at least 25 years,’’ said Plows, himself a BCS graduate. “But when you see what they’ve achieved on the sports field, in academics, you wonder how do they do that.’’

Plows said this particular group of 10 students jumped at competition. “Something pushes them and it pays off,’’ he said. “There’s a word we’ve heard and maybe that’s it. Grit.’’

The small but mighty BCS class celebrated their commencement Friday night with the traditional ceremony and the added touches that come when everyone in the class can sit in the front row on the stage.

Salutatorian Sara Brean recalled when, as seventh graders, they heard Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go! read to them by teacher Michelle Zaia. Brean asked Zaia to come read it to them “one last time.’’

The History teacher did, telling the story of embarking on to the next phase of life when ‘You'll be on your way up! You'll be seeing great sights! You'll join the high fliers Who soar to high heights.’

Brean said there’s no knowing where she and her classmates will be in 10 years. “But we’ve always been there for each other and will,’’ she said.

Valedictorian Grace Reilly thanked family, friends, teachers and classmates for all helping the Class of 2022 reach commencement. She shared funny and sweet memories about each of her classmates, as well as Guidance Counselor Jennifer Phillips, who opened her office to Reilly this year. “It’s our office now,’’ Reilly said.

Students chose Physical Education teacher Brent Murdock as their speaker. “Welcome to my classroom,’’ he told those in the gym.

After teasing members of the class for their antics and behavior, especially about listening, Murdock outlined how they helped him become a better dad to his children. “Overall you have taught me patience.’’

He also shared advice given to him from his uncle Terry. “Success is where preparation meets opportunity,’’ Murdock…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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