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Bridgewater Works On Leaks

The Town of Bridgewater Board met Thursday evening to discuss new business.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the special meeting and regular meeting minutes from November into Town record.

Jerry Beigh reported leaks in the Town's plumbing system are still under repair. He said he's been in talks with the Water Authority about providing a solution before he leaves for Florida in late December.

Patrick Baron reported he's submitted his minutes for the Board's approval. A variance was issued to build a shed, however a change request was made to construct a pole-barn instead.

Boardmember Mike Pcola asked Baron about the demolition of the school and Baron said there's an asbestos issue with the demolition.

Bernie Szarek reported renewal exemptions would be distributed by the end of the month. Szarek said he's been searching for Assessor recertification classes online, and is frustrated by the repetitive topics of the classes over the years for recertification.

Destiny Davis reported Zoning Board members are attending Planning Board meetings to build a mutual understanding of how each Board functions.

Dierdre Williams reported the Zoning Board of Appeals are taking training courses.

There was discussion about the change request for the pole-barn. The shed was approved for 752 square feet and the pole-barn is approved for 1,200 sq. ft. There is concern about the pole-barn's adjacency to a nearby swamp…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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