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Bridgewater Will Add To Banners

The Town of Bridgewater Board met recently to discuss new business.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the May meeting minutes with corrections.

Planning Board Chair Destinee Davis said the Planning Board is meeting June 18 and there were no walk-ins in the previous meeting.

Rose Wheeldon said the Zoning Board of Appeals had a quiet meeting.

Eight more Hometown Heroes Banners are going to be installed in early August.

Highway Superintendent James Southworth said the Town is running out of poles to post banners.

Town of Bridgewater Supervisor Dale DeKing said some of the new banners are doubles with members of the same family so it saves some space.

Jerry Parry installed a curb stop in Town.

DeKing asked Parry about a conversation about a disconnection notice.

Parry and DeKing had a discussion about disconnection notices and billing pay schedules.

Codes Officer Pat Baron got a phone call from Charlotte, North Carolina about the collapsed property on Route 20.

The owner is selling it to her nephew and the nephew was inquiring about demolishing the remaining ruins.

Baron said Social Services scheduled a building inspection for June 17.

Southworth said he was told the cold-storage barn floor will be finished in the next couple of weeks.

The Board approved a resolution for a $55,872.12 transfer from General Capital Fund to A1620.4.

DeKing said she received an email about a DEC permit, but did not have a chance to call back.

The Board held a short discussion about the permit ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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