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Bridgewater Gives Property Exemption To Volunteers

The Town of Bridgewater Board met last week to discuss new business.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the March meeting minutes.

Planning Board Chair Destinee Davis said there was one walk-in to the last Planning Board meeting and a 17-acre parcel was approved.

Tax forms are submitted and balanced.

Rose Wheeldon said the Zoning Board had a quiet meeting.

The applications are submitted for Hometown Heroes Banners and Bridgewater has 56 banners.

The Board held a discussion about using double or single banners and where banners will be displayed.

The Board approved doing single banners.

Jerry Parry said there was a leak in the pit and brass pipes would have to be changed to stainless steel.

Perry was issued a list of disconnection notices.

Codes Enforcement Officer Pat Baron said there have been several inquiries about building houses.

Town Assessor Patricia Terns said the exemptions for building permits have been filed with Oneida County.

Terns said the next step would be taking pictures.

Resident Jack Kenyon said he received a letter that the FFA would be doing litter cleanup in the stream.

Kenyon asked the Board if they knew when there would be cleanup on the State Road.

Bridgwater Supervisor Dale DeKing said the FFA would be doing the cleanup for Earth Day.

Highway Superintendent James Southworth submitted a report.

The Highway Department went for their annual safety training recently.

The Board held a discussion about selling a vehicle on Auctions International.

The Board approved a resolution to accept bid prices and sell a truck for $20,000.

The Board held a discussion about placing radar speed signs.

Boardmember Tom Meininger discussed a resolution passed at a Town of Columbia meeting objecting to high-transmission lines.

Boardmember Mike Pcola said the audit of the Town Clerk and Tax Collector is complete with a good review and no major issues or discrepancies.

DeKing said Trash Day is Saturday, June 1.

DeKing asked the departments to provide old computers and printers for removal.

DeKing said the Board received one bid for a concrete project and would need to rebid and would be opened May 9.

The Board approved a resolution to accept the bid for the painting of the pavilion and the Town Building.

DeKing discussed Lobby Day saying there were discussions about setting up a water account in the same style as CHIPS funding.

DeKing discussed EMS services and how Madison and Oswego County have their own ambulance services.

DeKing said local EMS services are in trouble from the better rates offered through Counties.

DeKing said Bridgewater were the only representatives from Oneida County to attend.

The Board approved a resolution authorizing the payment of the Highway ($16,951.66), Water ($121.96), and General Bills ($9,137.10.)

The Board approved a resolution to accept the Local Law for the property tax exemption for ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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