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Block Grant Hearing

At their August meeting, the Richfield Springs Village Board opened with a public hearing on the Community Development Block Grant program.

Consultant Al Patterson attended. The Board appointed trustees to fill roles with the Housing program.

In the regular portion of the meeting, Zoning Enforcement Officer Joseph Roberts said the property at 11 Church St. was too unsafe to be boarded up. He recommended the property be demolished.

Village Attorney Joseph Castiglione will be consulted for what is done next.

Roberts said once the bond is acquired cleanup on 18 Johnson St. can begin.

Board members approved increasing the boot reimbursement for DPW employees to $200 a year.

DPW Superintendent Joe Coan said he wants to research the cost of purchasing uniforms rather than using a uniform cleaning service.

Richfield Springs Fire Chief Mark Elderkin said the compressor needs…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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