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Bid Accepted For Creek Work

A bid was accepted by the Village of Waterville last week to work on Big Creek to handle flooding issues.

The Waterville Village Board accepted a bid of $230,000 from JB’s Excavating for work that will start at the bridge on Main Street near Stewart’s Shop. The village had to rebid the work after the first three bids came in over budget. A grant from Oneida County will cover the bulk of the work.

The one-hour meeting kicked off with a public hearing to explain the Village’s plan to apply for another Community Block grant from the state for housing improvements. New for this grant will be the opportunity for rental properties, rather than just owner-occupied, to apply.

Village Justice Robert McNamara attended the meeting to clarify that he does not throw out tickets for violations that come to court. McNamara explained that the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office often works out agreements that can include dismissing the violation or reducing it. Some people also qualify for a program that levies a $100 fine and dismisses the violation.

Delmar and Liz Barnes, village residents, asked questions about the proposed Open Burn law and said they thought it would be restrictive to residents who wanted a campfire in their yards.

Mayor Gene Ostrander explained the new law, done to add safety and nuisance guidelines, will not require people to buy a fire pit. People can still build one as long as it’s not on grass or other flammable surfaces. Work on the wording of the law continues before it will be adopted.

Waterville Fire Chief Jarrod Waufle said the fire department will be offering an EMT class from January to….


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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