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Beauty and the Beast

Brookfield Central School students recently performed the musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the school with a cast and crew of 65 students. Directed by Michelle Zaia, Jona Snyder and Carolyn Goodfellow, Belle, played by Sara Brean, and the Beast, played by special appearance Ron Pavlus, lead the story of love and household items that talk and dance, and magic, with the Beast returning to his original being as the Prince, played by Thatcher Bugbee. Also in the cast were Emily Turcotte as Maurice, Dominic Kupris as Gaston and Grace Reilly (the clock, Kylee Cucci (the candlestick) and Mrs. Potts and Chip, played by Delaney Karn and Stephanie Brean.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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