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Beach Discussed

At their September meeting, the Town of Richfield Board discussed ideas for Bakers Beach next year.

Bakers Beach is closed for the season. The beach brought in approximately $1,200 this season.

Councilman Ed Bello spoke about plans for next year’s season. Ideas include charging a fee for a resident season pass, having the house looked at by an engineer, lining up food trucks.

Town Supervisor Dan Sullivan suggested working on a plan with Ryan Fagan early in the spring. It was also reported at the meeting that Otsego County approved the $50,000 IDA grant to the Town to improve Bakers Beach.

The CLIA will be working to restore the old gate house. They will strip and replace the roof. They will be volunteering their time and supplies.

Highway Superintendent Tim Proctor informed the board…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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