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Saying Thanks

Clinton resident Deborah Wood met with members of the Clinton Volunteer Fire Department last Monday evening to thank them for resuscitating her during a health episode last Spring. Wood went through several months of rehab to get back to full strength and feels much better and has returned to her normal routine. When the incident was happening, Wood was lucky to have a family member there to administer CPR with the guidance of the 911 operator over the phone. The first member of the department to reach the residence was Vanessa Evans, who then administered one charge with an AED unit. Bill Huther, Mike Bauer, Pete Goodfriend, Eric Mosher, and John Scoones were the next responders on scene, taking the necessary steps to make sure Wood was quickly transported to a hospital for treatment. Many of the responders said they were only doing what was right, and the CPR was as crucial as anything to ensuring the happy ending.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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