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Kirkland A Safe Community

The Town of Kirkland Board met Wednesday evening to discuss new business for their second meeting of October.

A resolution to approve a $100,000 loan from the General A fund to the DB fund was approved. The loan will be repaid when the CHIPS funds are received with a .0025% percent interest rate upon repayment to the A fund.

The second installment of the Town's Sales Tax payment was issued for $113,767.

The Town of Kirkland was named the sixth safest community in New York state. Congratulations was given to the Kirkland Police Department for another top tier placement.

A letter of resignation from part-time police officer Scott Bush was accepted by the Board. Bush thanked the Board for their support in allowing him to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a police officer and wished the Town well on their future endeavors.

Budget director Tony Arcuri gave a presentation to the Board for the meeting's budget workshop. He reviewed 11 amendments to the previous budget…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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