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Nine Homes Done Under Falls Grant

Nine more houses have received improvements as part of the Community Development Block Grant program awarded to the Village of Oriskany Falls.

Last month the Village Board opened the regular meeting with a required hearing giving progress on the grant. Work that can be done includes energy upgrades, repairs for Codes compliance and exterior improvements.

This grant ends in January. The Village plans to apply for another grant and residents are encouraged to fill out the survey to help the chances of obtaining a grant. This grant was for $235,200 of work.

In addition, this spring, the Village conducted an Exterior Home Refurbishment Grant, reimbursements for up to $1,000. There were 13 approved applicants and so far eight of the projects are completed.

These projects consisted of new doors, windows, porches and painting.

A resident attended the meeting to complain about a neighbor’s barking dog. She was told dog complaints are to be made to the Town of Augusta or the police. Mayor Steve Jeffers said he would follow up with the Town and Codes officer.

A resident was reimbursed $500 for the cost of sewer problems…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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