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Hockey Movie Releases Sept. 1

The hockey movie partially filmed at the Clinton Arena last year has an official release date.

“Odd Man Rush,” a movie about ice hockey based on the book of the same name written by Bill Keenan, will be released digitally Sept. 1.

Last week, a trailer for the movie was posted online.

When the film crew was in Clinton last year, residents participated as extras in the movie. Hale Transportation, which is across from the Arena on Kirkland Avenue, was part of the filming, too.

Stephen Hale, owner of the Clinton-based transportation business, said his buses were used in the movie for filming locations in Clinton, Hamilton and Morrisville.

Hale said he drove the buses seen in the film. Decals were placed on the outside of Hale’s bus to match the set of the scene being filmed.

Slater Brothers Entertainment is the production company behind this movie. Todd Slater and his brother Grant brought their crew to Clinton and the surrounding area because this is where the brothers grew up. They played hockey at local arenas as kids.

“The best part of filming in Hamilton and Clinton, and CNY in general, was of course seeing all of our friends and being able to move back to Central New York for several months during filming,” Todd Slater said.

“It was really special to be able to see friends every week who we grew up with. It will be fun for people to watch the movie and recognize the local places we shot at, even though the film is based in Sweden,” he said.

Slater said “Odd Man Rush” is not only a movie for hockey fans, but it’s also for “anyone who has been at the crossroads of what path in life to take, and for anyone who has wanted to chase their dream and unsure of how to get there.”

Slater said he’s thankful for the help he received from area villages and colleges.

Because of Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions, a special screening in Clinton and Hamilton with the actors from the film is not possible at this time, Slater said.

“Odd Man Rush” stars Dylan Playfair, Elektra Kilbey, Jack Mulhern and Trevor Gretzky. Trevor is hockey player Wayne Gretzky’s son.

The film will be available Sept. 1 on video streaming services Amazon Prime and iTunes.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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