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Brookfield Looks At Renting Space In Leonardsville

To bring all students back to school five days a week, Brookfield Central School would rent space in the former Leonardsville school.

BCS Superintendent Jim Plows said the district asked for a week’s extension to Aug. 7 on turning in the plan to the state. That allows for time to explore moving some students and classes into the Leonardsville Community Center.

Brookfield scheduled a meeting for Tuesday night both in the school gym and remotely to garner feedback from families.

Plows said Brookfield’s building is not large enough for all approximately 250 students to attend five days a week. The Leonardsville center would provide enough space.

“They want us there,’’ Plows said. “But it’s a longshot. We have to meet numerous regulations for the building to serve as a school and there are financial considerations.’’

Plotting out having students in two places will not require more teachers; Plows said the district can staff it without additional hiring.

However, more bus drivers and cleaners will be needed to follow the new state guidelines for transportation and cleaning and disinfection.

Brookfield has been putting its plan together with input from the Madison County Department of health and the safety and food service offices at BOCES.

If arrangements cannot be made to rent space in Leonardsville, Brookfield will have students attend two days a week, alternating the study body by…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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